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Don't take our word for it!

Are you on the fence about registering for the Mini Residency or MNRT courses? See what Doctors of all specialties are saying about the courses in their video testimonials.

Dr. Greg Jeneary


LeMars, IA

I've completed the Mini Residency with Dr. Olmos and I really learned how to help people. Now with the MNRT, it gives us a good diagnosis and where to start to help the patients. On a daily basis it's much more fun to go to work because I'm looking at things from a whole body standpoint. 

Dr. Paul Martin
Gainesville, FL

"We have come to realize so many of the problems we see- what they're being tied to. If it wasn't for Dr. Olmos, we would just be treating the problem, not thinking about where they came from."

Dr. Anthony Kopp


Kalamazoo, MI

"It's a very good system in terms of having certain places to look at certain times. You figure out where you need to triage and start your treatment process."

Dr. Cynthia Brattesnai


San Francisco, CA

"There are not a lot of courses in dentistry that really change your paradigm on how to treat your patients in a different manner. What Dr. Olmos was able to teach me at the Mini Residency connected the dots of all of the things that I learned about in dentistry."




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