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When was the last time you really focused on your breathing? For most of us, it’s something that automatically happens without thought or effort. We invest little time or energy in the importance of proper breathing (airway management) for optimum health. Although the medical community is continuously identifying links between airway management and health, we rarely consider that conditions from which people suffer and for which they medicate (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure) may very well be improved through a simple understanding and development of airway management.

In this book, Dr. Steven Olmos will discuss healthcare problems that can arise from ignoring the airway’s effect on the body for both adults and children.

He will explain:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Proper breathing / function of the nose
  • Signs and symptoms of sleep-related breathing disorders
  • Finding the core problem vs simply treating the symptoms
  • Relationship between chronic pain and proper breathing
  • Screening by healthcare providers
  • Importance of patient awareness

This invaluable exploration of an often overlooked topic is your guide to better health and a better life.



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